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Protecting One’s Peace

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Yesterday, my daughter went to a wedding, and asked me to watch my little grandson. I usually have my youngest daughter with me or I’ll have the opportunity to watch him with his grandfather. Both of those experiences are cherished by me. I love grandparenting this little boy with my first ex-husband, who is also […]

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“The Secret” is No Secret

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I saw the DVD of “The Secret” a week or so ago and was rather disappointed, but not entirely surprised. There was nothing in this DVD that you couldn’t find in any New Age 101 book on metaphysics or creative visualization. The only thing that was truly original or unique was the marketing effort and […]

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Old Patterns

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Sometimes I feel like a turtle. I come to a realization, like the one in October, make a decision…and then draw my head back into my shell and stay in the same spot. Then some time goes by, in this case, almost five months, and I emerge from my shell again, only to discover that […]

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