I Believe

A DreamSinger statement of beliefs (revised 2008):

  • I believe in the sacredness and intrinsic value of each individual – whether actualized or not.
  • I believe in the sacredness and intrinsic presence of Spirit – whether perceived or not.
  • I believe healing through personal effort and spiritual grace is available to all persons regardless of religious beliefs, political persuasions or life choices.
  • I believe that personal healing is the seed for global healing, and peace on earth is possible when there is peace within.
  • I believe honoring the “feminine”, as represented by women and expressed as characteristics through both sexes, is fundamental to honoring the human dignity of all people.
  • I believe reclaiming the “masculine”, as represented by men and expressed as characteristics through both sexes, is fundamental to the survival of this planet.
  • I believe in the power of finding and using one’s voice.
  • I believe in children and their right to be loved and cared for, their right to learn and to grow with authenticity and their right to be free from usury and violence of any kind.
  • I believe in parents and extended families being able to provide for their children and each other, for homes filled with safety and nurturing.
  • I believe in each other.
  • I believe in living meaningful lives.
  • I believe in giving our faith to Spirit. To the government, our commitment as responsible adults to hold it accountable to the laws we participate in creating.
  • I believe in the healing power of art and the responsibility of the artist to both reflect and create the culture of which they are a part.
  • I acknowledge humankind’s potential for evil and believe in the ultimate inherent goodness of humanity.
  • I believe in Forgiveness. I believe in Love.
  • I believe in keeping the Dream.
  • The Dream of humanity and Spirit is Love

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