Keeping the Dream: China

This is dedicated to the students of Tiananmen Square, to every person who had a dream, strived for it and paid a cost so that others may live their dreams — if not now, then some time…a time only faith can see.

But more, I wrote this song for the students who did not fall, for those who survived, who within their precious hearts carry not only the dream but the burden of survivors’ guilt.

I have come to believe that there are some questions that were never meant to be answered, but only met…met with compassion, with empathy and tenderness. That while justice may at times seem like an illusion, the kindness that exists when one hand reaches out to another is very real.

In sharing this song, may you, in some way, feel the touch of my hand upon yours. May the dream that brought you to that appointed time live through you in the way you love. And may we sit in spirit and look to a brighter, more caring future for everyone.

Demian Yumei,
blue blutterfly

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