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Every morning I go to Pinewhisper’s blog on MySpace and read a snippet of wisdom. It’s a nice way to start off my day, and has become a part of my spiritual “getting ready for the day” routine.

This morning he wrote about listening to our inner guidance, to take into consideration the advice and opinions of others – from family to teachers to friends – but to listen to our own inner voice and to open up to Guidance.

This speaks to me of speaking with an authentic voice, to not merely echo the sentiments of others – no matter how well meaning – of being real with ourselves.

This past month, I’ve wondered what my life would have been like if I hadn’t felt the need to prove my worth. What if I was able to be self-accepting of who I was? What if I had a sense of my worth as a human being, that I knew I was loved by God…that I was okay and loved, and instead of proving something that was already given to me as a gift, I developed my talents and let my uniqueness unfold as a natural part of being alive…a simple and joyous celebration of being?

And I know the path I have walked has contributed to who I am today, and there’s no rewinding that tape or going back. But, I, also, know, there’s more to life than what has gone before, and what may have been good enough for motivation in the past may not be so adequate any more.

It has brought me here – this need to prove my worth, to somehow justify the space I was taking up, the resources I was using, the air I was breathing…and the pain and suffering I believed I was the cause for in my family.

But, I’m not there now. I have traveled a distance. So, I’m trying to be more and more open to the thought that I don’t have to prove anything, and make more and more room for the spontaneous joy and love that has always been there, but is now time to be my sole motivation for what I do.

So today, I do ask for Guidance, and more, I ask for the willingness and courage and fun of adventure to follow.

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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, uses spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. "For the Sake of Love” is her collection of songs written on Demian's healing journey, and “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes” is a children’s book she wrote for her daughter about the interconnectedness of life published by Illumination Arts and endorsed by Jane Goodall. Currently, Demian is working on recording episodes for her podcast and writing on the "Where There's Smoke Series on Covert Abuse". .


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