About Demian Yumei

Demian Yumei is a dreamer, a doer and a stubborn idealist. For the past six decades of her life, Demian has embraced life head-on with the determination to find meaning, and if none can be found, to create it. Demian began perfecting her artistic talents at a very early age, first enjoying the sound of her voice bouncing off the walls of an adobe bus stop as a six year old to the tapping of an old steel typewriter composing her first chapter story at the age of eight.

Since then Demian has lent her artistry to communicating messages of hope and healing in victim’s rights vigils and candlelight memorials such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre Memorial in Washington, D.C. since 2000 and as recently at the 25th anniversary in 2014.

Demian attended the University of Virginia for two years in the early ’70’s, a part of the first groups of women admitted to the University, but her greatest education came from her voracious appetite for self learning.

Demian’s background, which consisted of emotional and physical incest, covert abuse and psychological trauma combined with her keen observation and analytical skills has endowed Demian with a wealth of personal experience and knowledge. Her ability to translate and convey this knowledge into writing that speaks to the heart and through song that moves the soul is Demian’s expertise and love she desires to share with an ever widening audience.

Demian is currently working on reclaiming her heritage from her mother, who was born in China, sold at the age of two and raised in Japan. After telling the stories of Demian’s personal past and the stories of others, she is now endeavoring to telling her mother’s story, as always, in word and song.

For more information on this project and Demian Yumei’s other projects, such as her soon to be published series on covert abuse, “Where There’s Smoke”, please visit Demian at www.demianyumei.com. Her CD of healing music, “For the Sake of Love” can be found at www.cdbaby.com/dreamsinger.

Contact Demian using the contact form here.  She can, also, be reached at demianyumei AT gmail DOT com

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