Does Love Protect?

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Responses range from “yes, it does” to “well, yes, but not perfectly” to “how can you say love protects when innocent children and trusting people get hurt all the time?”

As I ponder this question, I think “protect what?” Our bodies? Our emotional or mental well-being? Well, for a lot of people – hardly.

I don’t know why people get hurt or children suffer. I don’t know why people with such beautiful idealism and openness can get so incredibly abused or why trust can be ripped apart.

Certainly, part of anybody’s healing process is to ask “God” or however they perceive the Divine, “WHY? Why did you let this happen to ME?” and perhaps the most heart wrenching of all, “How could You have let this happen to a child???”

Does Love protect? On the surface it may seem no, or at least if it does, arbitrarily. But in my heart I can’t ignore the voice I keep hearing and it’s saying yes.

Maybe what Love protects isn’t our bodies or even our hearts and minds. Maybe what Love protects is the essence of who we are…so that even in the most horrible of situations, there cocooned deep within the arms of Love, the essence of our being remains whole and safe – even if it’s just a piece – so that when we are ready or willing or able to pull ourselves out of the mire of our pain and despair, there is something within us that is untouched, pure, clean and beautiful…

A seed of a phoenix, a baby phoenix, if you will, a spark that lights up and grows and grows with each question, each seeking of our heart, each whisper of our voice. Despite the betrayal, despite the suffering, despite the anguish and pain.

And perhaps Love protects not as some kind of outside force stepping between us and a harmful event, but through us…maybe Love sounds like the poet’s pen scratching out words on paper or embraces like a seeker of truth coming to new realizations, sharing them with others.

Perhaps each one of us is Love offering its protection of knowledge and wisdom as we share our experiences, heal our wounds and offer our hope to humanity…one person at a time.

One can argue without end whether Love protects or not, whether there’s a difference between Love with a capital “L” or a little “l”, but one thing is certain…Love heals and we’re a part of that healing.


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About the Author: Greetings, fellow dreamer, and welcome! I’m Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist. Some of my creative projects are a CD of healing music, “For the Sake of Love” and a children’s book on the interconnectedness of life, “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes” published by Illumination Arts. Currently, I’m in the process of creating podcasts for my book series on covert abuse. My commitment is to the creative process especially as it relates to the healing journey. Whether I’m singing at a vigil for asylum seekers, memorial for political activists or sitting around a table sharing tea and conversation with friends who just want to talk heart to heart, I am always deeply moved by the human spirit to love and live with authentic beauty. Thank you for being here, for reading my posts and/or listening to my podcast. There’s much to share, much to create and the journey has just begun! Meet you on the path. .


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