Fireflies: The Power of Holding a Dream

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Years ago I lay in the back of a borrowed car with my two young children. We had no home address of our own and I was dealing with the wounds of incest.

My children had fallen asleep in my arms, their faces looking so peaceful as they slept. They had total faith that everything would be all right because they believed in their mother; they believed in me.

As I looked at them, a part of me despaired. What if I didn’t have it in me? What if I failed?

I had parked the car next to an open field surrounded by tall trees. There was no moon, but all around us thousands of fireflies floated through trees and between blades of grass. It was as if the entire night sky had bent down to kiss the earth.

The beauty and wonder of the night called to me, gently turning the tide of panic, calming my fears, bringing comfort to my sorrow.

Through the glitter of fireflies and through my fears, I saw myself singing and dancing on the Great Wall of China, a free China. I thought of the young students of Tiananmen Square who had died for their dream to be free; free to think, to ask questions, to use their minds without penalty.

I thought of the ones left in the aftermath of shock and despair.

Each one of them had longed to dance to the unique songs they heard in their hearts and for a brief moment, they did. And now some would never dance again.

But I could. I would dance for them. I would dance for my children…and I would dance for me.

As I let the vision of the night inspire me, I knew I would make it…even if I did not know how, even as I was afraid. It did not matter. I had a dream.

But then I thought what about those who didn’t? What was night like for those who had lost their dream or abandoned it along life’s road or had it stolen? How dark is the night without fireflies, no night sky to bend down to kiss the earth just for them.

So I made another promise. I would dance for the Dream, for everyone’s dream that lies deep within our heart of hearts.

It’s been many years since that night. Those two precious little children have grown, one has a child of her own. I’ve made so many mistakes over the years, have faltered and stumbled over my own feet…have fallen flat on my face…and other parts of my anatomy. But the music within always called me back to my feet. Having a dream is like that.

Once it knows your name, you are never the same. And while I may wish that I had traveled a smoother road, the fact is, I’m here…and my steps are surer and my dance more elegant, more joyful than ever before.

And the dance floor is not empty…

Keeping the Dream,

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About the Author: Greetings, fellow dreamer, and welcome! I’m Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist. Some of my creative projects are a CD of healing music, “For the Sake of Love” and a children’s book on the interconnectedness of life, “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes” published by Illumination Arts. Currently, I’m in the process of creating podcasts for my book series on covert abuse. My commitment is to the creative process especially as it relates to the healing journey. Whether I’m singing at a vigil for asylum seekers, memorial for political activists or sitting around a table sharing tea and conversation with friends who just want to talk heart to heart, I am always deeply moved by the human spirit to love and live with authentic beauty. Thank you for being here, for reading my posts and/or listening to my podcast. There’s much to share, much to create and the journey has just begun! Meet you on the path. .


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