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There is nothing more powerful than a grateful heart. Why? Because a grateful heart is an open heart, and an open heart is a channel for love.

Gratitude is not indebtedness. It’s a deep mindfulness of true value, a right seeing of the true nature of things. It’s saying “yes” to life’s blessings in its myriad forms. Gratitude is not a high interest loan that you must pay back. Gratitude is a state of being that springs forth from within you. It is the force that expands your cup so that the full measure of good that “overfloweth” increases.

Gratitude is not a privilege for the rich or the few. You can always find something to be grateful. No matter how dire the situation may be, you can stop right where you are and start thinking about what’s good in your life. Even if the only good you can think of is having the mental ability to ascertain how horrible everything is in your life, you have the gift of awareness! And awareness is where all real change begins. Your mind is a powerful tool, a potential you possess to create, dream, imagine, and work for a solution, a tool for which you can be grateful.

Counting your blessings is more than an intellectual exercise. It’s more than accruing items for a list, more than naming people in your life who do love you, related or not, or saying thank you for being healthy or having food to eat or whatever it is that comes up on your list. It’s those things too, if they’re true for you, but it’s more than that.

Counting your blessings is stepping into and up to a higher resonance. Even if you aren’t capable of feeling grateful, at this time, it can bring you there. Counting your blessings can create the space for your feelings to catch up to it. It can freeze time long enough for you to catch your breath. And when you do, even for a moment, it’s a reprieve, for in that moment, you are not focusing on what is hurting you.

And within that moment there is the invitation. Stay…linger a while, and let yourself receive whatever gifts of healing are there for you.

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About the Author: Greetings, fellow dreamer, and welcome! I’m Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist. Some of my creative projects are a CD of healing music, “For the Sake of Love” and a children’s book on the interconnectedness of life, “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes” published by Illumination Arts. Currently, I’m in the process of creating podcasts for my book series on covert abuse. My commitment is to the creative process especially as it relates to the healing journey. Whether I’m singing at a vigil for asylum seekers, memorial for political activists or sitting around a table sharing tea and conversation with friends who just want to talk heart to heart, I am always deeply moved by the human spirit to love and live with authentic beauty. Thank you for being here, for reading my posts and/or listening to my podcast. There’s much to share, much to create and the journey has just begun! Meet you on the path. .


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