In loving memory – Liu Xiaobo

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Liu Xiaobo
12/28/55 – 07/13/17

They took your body
ravaged by sickness given
time to grow
unimpeded —
“Death of a thousand cancer cells” —
and burned it
tossing ashes out to sea
not in honor
but in haste to
get rid of all evidence
of your voice
and their crime
But they do not know
the current carries your ashes
around the world
touching every shore
rising on the warm air of
someone’s dream
speaking into clouds
ashes in the wind
the stuff of phoenixes
and poets
and unnamed voices
come back to haunt them



Demian Yumei
~Keeping the Dream

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About the Author

About the Author: I'm Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist. Keeping the Dream is a journey made up of three interconnecting paths: Finding Your Voice, which is the healing process and self-knowledge; Speaking Your Truth, which is telling your story instead of letting others tell it for you; and Speaking Out, which is taking a stand for what you believe in and rejecting the lies. These three paths lead to empowerment and freedom, and they are a threat to abusers, despots and corrupt governments, alike. My commitment is to continue on this journey for myself and for others until it everyone comes to know and honor their human dignity and the dignity of others. Through poetry, song and the written/spoken word, this is the Dream I’m keeping. .


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