My daughter’s birthday!

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Eleven years ago today I gave birth to one of the most beautiful people I know. Today is Brhiannon’s birthday. These photos were taken at Longwood Gardens on September 7th, their last fireworks event of the season (which was absolutely the most fantastic fireworks/water fountain display set to music I have ever seen).

I know this photo is a bit blurred, but I really like it.

Longwood Garden pictures of Brhiannon and Mommy in a treehouse

The tree houses were beautiful. The natural recycled/reclaimed wood, the creative designs, the care they took in not hurting the trees just brought out the best in people. Everyone seemed to be smiling that day.

It’s always easy to love my little girl, but today it was even easier in such beautiful surroundings.

Inside a treehouse

I love holding my girl’s hand, and what’s so wonderful is that she still loves holding mine. I cherish every moment with her, and on this day, I can’t keep thinking how wonderfully blessed I am. When I stop to think about it, I really am a very rich woman.

Walking down the path at Longwood Gardens

She’s like a flower, herself, isn’t she?
Brhiannon smelling the beautiful yellow flowers

I love this girl!
Hugging each other under a magnificent tree!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!!!

Spectacular Fireworks and Water Fountain Display

The whole world celebrates your birth and rejoices in your presence here. How much sweeter the world is because of you! I love you…mwaa! ~ Mommy
Fireworks Finale

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