On the 7th day…

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You know, I never really understood why God had to rest after creating the world, or how God could possibly be tired. But I like the story of God resting on the 7th day.

I’ve grown to a deeper appreciation for what it means to rest than just a day off. Most of us don’t rest on our days off anyway. They’re just periods of time when we feel compelled to shove more stuff into the little space we’re given – errands to run, activities to do or the intake of passive electronic stimuli, television.

Resting is about restoring, but it’s more than just shoring up depleted energy. That’s one meaning, and is really significant for us humans, and one of which I’m more mindful of these days. But rest, also, is a state of sitting still. It’s being in the present moment.

I don’t know what this means for God, but I do know what significance it has for me, as I sit here on my porch on this fall day.

In this restful moment, I hear a blackbird cawing from a nearby tree. Not far away a songbird sings an entirely different melody. My morning glories are looking at me, their big green heart-shaped leaves trembling ever so slightly with the subtle breezes. In between the needled and broad green of pine and maple, I see puffs of clouds, gently glide across the face of the sky. The leaves have not turned yet. Not in my yard, but they are thinking about it.

I move too fast. We all do.

The other day I took my dog for a walk, and we passed by under a tree. As we walked into its shade, I stopped and wondered how I must look to it. Reaching out to touch a limb, I got a sense of almost amusement. I couldn’t help but wonder how we humans appeared to the tree, if we appeared as those busy little gnats that buzz about so fast, that if they don’t get gobbled up by some bird, would, in all likelihood, burn out.

If I had not taken this moment on this day to just sit here on my porch, and drink my tea, I would have missed all this, the subtleties of the day. Hurrying from house to car, my mind would already be far down the dirt lane before I even backed my car out of its parking space.

It’s good to take an appointed time for rest. Every moment we stop and be still, is a sabbath moment. Which reminds me of another Bible verse that I like, “Be still and know that I am God.”

That’s what makes the sabbath holy. Not the day on the calendar, but the manner in which we approach and experience creation. Any moment can be our 7th day, when we still ourselves long enough to recognize the holiness of it.

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