Photo Journal: “Our Garden of Angels”

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Enter the peaceful and sacred space of Our Garden of Angels, a “homicide memorial park dedicated to the memories of loved ones who had been murdered”. Rick Waldroup shares the healing peace of the garden through his photos, revealing the beauty and resiliency of the human spirit.

There are words to describe the background for this memorial, but the true story is told in the photos that reveal the fruits of loving hands who respond to tragedy with the power of love, both stubborn and noble.

The photo of a plaque reads: “The Garden of Angels is not a place of death but a place representing life”.

This is why I love people. It’s not that the world is filled with so much hate. It’s that there are so many hearts who meet that hate with love, love that doesn’t roll over, but that in holding another accountable does not forget itself.

If those who have suffered loss can keep their hearts open in this way, then we who witness what goes on in this world can do no less. Each one of us has the capacity to build such a garden within our lives. Some of us will bring those metaphorical gardens into manifestation in whatever way is right for us. Others will reveal their gardens’ presence through a subtle smile or a tender touch.

Our Garden of Angels arose at the site of a murder. Right there, in the center of your wound, what will you plant?

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