The Neverending Story

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I love this movie, The Neverending Story…haven’t been able to stomach the sequels, though I only saw the second and part of another one. But this first movie touched me deeply from the time I first saw it and each time afterward.

Do you remember the scene where the young boy, Atreyu, is trudging through the Swamps of Sadness?

Their danger lies not in their quicksand, but in their ability to fill you with so much apathy and depression you don’t care if you sink.

When I’m at work, I’ll sometimes turn on the television if I’m doing general maintenance type stuff – nothing requiring my full attention or energy. Because I don’t watch too often, the constant theme of narcissistic self indulgence and psychopathic sickness is really overwhelming.

I’m not desensitized to it by a daily intake of it and it’s like ingesting something not good for you for the first time…until you get used to it…and then crave it. The poor scripts, the gratuitous, graphic violence…

And then I think of the children who are placed in front of this day in and day out, to where they spend more time being fed this kind of poison than interacting with real people, including their own parents.

Is that the neverending story we want to perpetuate? Is there not something more we want to give to our children…to our selves?

What about the stories passed down from generation to generation, when storytellers were born and made within each community? Not that there was never violence in those stories, but people were a part of the story, your life one thread of the fabric woven into the story even as it was being told.

I don’t know, but I think if a story is going to be neverending, I want to take a little more responsibility in penning it.

I mean, isn’t that what we’re here for?

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