The Point of Healing…Part 1

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Our intellectual reality has wings…it can travel far and wide. Through your mind you can soar through the air viewing wide vistas of all the possibilities.

Our emotional reality is closer to the earth, doesn’t move as fast or as far. You have to contend with mountains and valleys. It’s an organic experience that has roots that go deep into your being.

I think it’s true that you can always see further than where you are capable of being. Perhaps this is what spurs us on in our growth and we eventually get there…to find that we can see even further from that perspective!

But it can also become a trap. Ironically, especially if we are on a healing path, because as we heal we become more aware!

The question is what do we do with that unfolding awareness on the journey of unfolding healing?

How easy it is to recriminate ourselves because we aren’t where we “should be” or don’t do what we understand in our heads we can do, but in our emotional being cannot do.

This really tripped me up for a long time. As the consequences of my labor came into fruition, as I looked back at previous choices, I began to judge myself…no, condemn myself for what I said I knew or should have known but didn’t act upon. I was burdened with heavy feelings of regret and my own sorrow tormented me, until a good friend pointed out the difference between the two realities – intellectual and emotional.

She made me realize that we are multi-dimensional beings, that there are varying levels of reality within our own being that need to be addressed before we can integrate the emotional and intellectual parts of our being, that if we are still wounded within our emotional selves our tendency will be to make choices with rationalizations and justifications to meet the unspoken and yet very strong and present hidden agendas of the unresolved spaces of our being.

I came to realize that my emotional reality had been too wounded, too heavy to follow through on what I knew intellectually. I still have regrets, but I now enfold them with compassion. I think it’s a good first step.


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About the Author: Greetings, fellow dreamer, and welcome! I’m Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist. Some of my creative projects are a CD of healing music, “For the Sake of Love” and a children’s book on the interconnectedness of life, “Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes” published by Illumination Arts. Currently, I’m in the process of creating podcasts for my book series on covert abuse. My commitment is to the creative process especially as it relates to the healing journey. Whether I’m singing at a vigil for asylum seekers, memorial for political activists or sitting around a table sharing tea and conversation with friends who just want to talk heart to heart, I am always deeply moved by the human spirit to love and live with authentic beauty. Thank you for being here, for reading my posts and/or listening to my podcast. There’s much to share, much to create and the journey has just begun! Meet you on the path. .


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