Today I’m Free

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…well, at least from Facebook for a while.

Yesterday morning, it hit me how much Facebook affects, not only my life, but the lives of those closest to me. I was filled with a sense of rage that the online world would take so much precedence that it would usurp the real world, real lives, real people and experiences.

I had to step back a while — not bearing to witness this phenomenon taking up so much space in other people’s lives never mind mine.

I’ve been doing a really good job working on my manuscript for Where There’s Smoke — a lot of productive writing, but I find myself still spending more time on Facebook than I like. So I’m going cold turkey, giving myself a break, coming up for air to fill my lungs with some much needed oxygen. One thing for sure, now that I’m not making fairly regular posts on Facebook, I will be publishing more here.

Strange, how as soon as I hit that deactivation button, I needed to come here to publish something. But here is where I need to be.

So, I’m free…in a sense. Free to not be held hostage to my fascination for interesting photos with inspiring quotes and a continuous stream of snippets of information. I already miss my friends, the real ones, not the just “friend request” ones. But I know they will be there for me when I get back, and there’s always email if we need to connect.

I want to slow down. I want to hear the sound of my own breath. I want to ingest less and digest more.

I know I’ll reactivate my profile page again, but I’m interested in seeing how much of what I create here I can take with me there. Perhaps set a habit of writing on this blog, and then continue that when I return to Facebook.

Facebook is an interesting place to visit, but it should never become a substitute for real living or real creativity.

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