Two nights off? Wow!

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Wow, two nights off in a row! My little girl is at her cousin’s for the 4th and I met her uncle and cousin last night at the pick up point. I’m really happy for her. She loves her cousin so much, and he’s very special to me, too. They were born just two weeks apart.

I usually only have one night off, and only two or three times a month. That’s when I try to cram everything in – my writing, updating sites, etc, and oh, yeah – rest.

But I’m learning to more evenly space things out and to work more efficiently.

Still, it’s very unusual that I don’t either have my child or have to go to work for two straight nights. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. It’s so strange not to think about how much time I have to do this or that before having to head out the door again.

Anyway, I love my time with my daughter, but I am becoming more and more appreciative of needing to take care of myself. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes when you are a single mom, homeschooling and have people you care about that need your help, plus a ton of writing/music projects you want to get to.

Well, I say I have two nights “off”, but when I say “off” I just mean I have more time than usual to reflect or to work on my projects without interruption. That is a precious gift, but I’m happy to take that in balance with those others days of interruption, that in many ways are momentary blessings. They will pass as my daughter grows older. Right now, my attention and company is the highlight of my daughter’s life.

I will cherish that as long as I can. I know they don’t last.

So tonight, I don’t think I’ll be going to any fireworks. I’ll do what I want, leisurely and joyfully. No doubt, I will write. But I won’t battle crowds, not even to watch the fireworks. I’ll let my thoughts of those I love, my dreams and how richer and deeper my life is becoming light up my sky.

May this 4th of July, no matter what part of the world you’re from, be a day where you can quietly ponder or shout to the sky your declaration of independence from all that hurts or binds you, and may your brightest thoughts and wondrous dreams lighten up your darkest nights.

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