Who I am

Standing on a balcony at a mountaintop retreat in Vermont, loving the wind and the surrounding mountains.

Standing on a balcony at a mountaintop retreat in Vermont, loving the wind and mountains.


I’m just a dreamer.

Someone who loves people, this earth and the potential we have to become more than who we are.

I walk a healing journey, the path my abusive childhood placed me on years ago. The wounding, surviving and overcoming have endowed me with a wealth of personal experience and knowledge of the healing journey. It is my honor and joy to translate and convey this knowledge into writing that speaks to the heart and song that moves the soul.


It is not the time for any of us to be silent.

I love the creative process… and I think it loves me.

I remember as a six year old, enjoying the sound of my voice bouncing off the walls of an adobe bus stop, so much that I would cross the busy highway against my parents’ wishes just to sing in it.  At the age of eight, I fell in love with the sound of my old steel typewriter — oh my gosh, I miss that so much! — composing my very first sweet chapter story with the appropriately “cringe worthy” title,  Happy the Sad Dog of Dogtown. Yes, for real.

Over time, I got a little more sophisticated in my creative projects. I wrote and sung messages of hope and healing at victim’s rights vigils. I wrote a monologue of the stories of three Chinese detainee women and performed them with music at various forums and on the Capital steps in Washington, D.C. I sang outside the gates for the detained asylum seekers imprisoned in our local prison and in several Tiananmen Square Massacre memorials in Washington, D.C.

I am an artist who uses various mediums — written and spoken word, song and images to convey ideas, express emotion and connect with others.

This blog is a creative space for me to add a more empowering voice and healing resonance to the growing cacophony of human voices competing with each other for their personal agendas. Some of those agendas are hateful, filled with fear and fueled by greed.

It is not the time for any of us to be silent.

To that end, I’m working on several projects — telling my mother’s story, one that began in China where she was born around 1926, sold at the age of two to a Japanese couple and raised in Japan, then coming to the United States in 1955, where she passed away in 1997.  It’s a story of irrevocable damage and unrelenting resilience, of negative impact she would inflict on herself and her children, and a blessing she would bestow upon me that would alter the course of my life and eventually come to define who I am today.

I’m working on a five book series on covert abuse, Where There’s Smoke, a major priority for me, and will soon be posting podcasts of the first book, which is completed.

And of course, there are other projects — always! I’m putting myself out there — that’s hard for me to do, because I’m basically an introvert… a friendly one, but an introvert nonetheless.

Still, I will be launching my Patreon site, which is a place for those who wish to become art patrons and those who are looking for patrons can come together. So stay tuned for the announcement soon!

You know, artists and dreamers often feel like they’re alone. Well, you’re not. I’m inviting you to come join me on this creative journey. There’s so much to experience, so much to share and learn.

I look forward to this time with you.


~ Keeping the Dream and Believing in You

View from my writing table on a rainy day.

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