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If I had just read the Daily Word for yesterday, I doubt it would have gone in very deep. After all, I’ve read similar words and sentiments before.

But I had just spent most of the afternoon pulling and digging out weeds, and letting the experience speak to me about different characteristics of healing. So when I read the words using imagery of planting seeds and pulling weeds to convey the process of prosperity, it more than spoke to me – it grabbed me.

Not only did I get the original intent of the message, but it spoke to me in volumes on a much deeper and personal level.

All night, I sat in the warm company of wonderful thoughts, thoughts of being spoken to, talked to and taught. About the caring that went into that. About not just being not alone, but supported and looked after.

That “someone” would take the time to reach me in this way, that I’d finally be alert enough to at least pay attention, to take note.

I pondered the process of weeding, going back in my mind how I not only pulled the weeds, but dug them out. How some were easy to pull up with barely a hold on the surface of the earth, and others clung in great clumps with a death-like vice, not willing to give up without a good amount of sweat and effort on your part.

And I thought, that’s how weeding unhelpful thinking and digging up disempowering patterns can be in your personal life. Some can be easily plucked out with a simple decision, and others take work, lots of hard work to uproot, only to find runners that have spread out and there’s more to deal with than you thought.

So this morning, I’m letting myself receive the fruits from this wonderful experience of yesterday, and in considering how much deeper and richer the lessons were for my having lived the imagery before reading them, I found myself wondering, what if that’s what this life is for?

What if physical reality is a classroom for angels (and some would think, also demons) who need to learn hands on?

You know, angels, spiritual beings who need…or want special ed classes, because they’re “right brain” or holistic thinkers. Those lovely consciousnesses who languish with textbook type learning or for whom it’s not enough to understand intellectually, but need to feel, see, taste, smell and hear full dimensionally to really understand, to make their knowledge theirs.

And it changes things a bit for me to go from creatures who deserve to go to hell or beings who live in world created by the mistaken thought of separation, to a type of special ed class, delightful, terrible and filled with opportunities and choices for those special ed students who learn best hands on.

And you do realize, only those kids in institutionalized instruction are labeled “special ed” as if it were a disability. Those in other settings – like in the real world – are called inventors, entrepreneurs and at times even genius.

Not that the human race is particularly genius, but it is, I think, a beautiful example of a desire to engage, to learn and become more than what it was.

And in that is a beautiful vulnerability that can positively take one’s breath away.

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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, uses spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. She's a long time traveler on the healing journey and has a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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