I Did It!

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Well, I did it!

It was a really good experience for me. I think I learned more about myself in the process of preparing for the talk, than the actual talk, itself. It just felt right to be there.

One thing I noticed though and was echoed in the words of the Karen Ferguson of Victims Assistance Center, “Where is the media?”

Teens on the Move, an organization made up of young people against violence, were acknowledged that day. Some members got up to speak. They expressed their concern over violence, their commitment to address it and their request for help from the community.

But no press was there to take their words or highlight their deeds.

And I thought, “What does a kid have to do to get attention around here? Shoot a gun?”

And perhaps the answer is, more often than not, yes. Teenagers gunning down other teenagers made the front page the other week. Teenagers lifting one another up didn’t even draw a glance.

But I know that will not deter them. These youth that I saw on this day inspired me and encouraged me, and I walked away knowing that somehow we’re all going to make it. They do not act on impulse, but commitment. They do not live for the instant fame of notoriety, but on conviction.

Yes, I did it. I got up and spoke, but it’s these young people and those like them who are going to do it – make the difference that’s going to make all the difference in the world.

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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, using spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. Demian is a traveler on the healing journey with a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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