I’m so proud of her…

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Tomorrow my youngest, Brhiannon, is going to compete with her home school/cyber school team in the Lego Robotics competition in Philadelphia.

Brhiannon is bright and artistic. She is also dyslexic, and knows she has challenges learning in certain areas as compared to some other students. But she doesn’t care.

She is not as advanced in the math necessary for this particular competition, but it doesn’t stop her. She doesn’t sit out because she’s afraid she’ll look foolish or refuse to take a chance until she is convinced she knows everything she needs to know or has everything lined up. She knows she will eventually learn what she needs to learn, but right now, in this moment she is open to learning what she can and offering what she has to offer as she is, who she is, right now.

It reminds me of when she was taking lyrical dance a couple years back. Every student in that class had years of dance lessons, and most if not all took several classes a week. Brhiannon had only one formal year in one class the year before, and no ballet.

But she did not care.

She was willing to learn what she could, and risk looking awkward next to the other more skilled dancers. Where most of us would not want to put ourselves in that situation, much more sensitive and self conscious how we looked to others, Brhiannon just jumps right in. If she’s interested in something, if she wants to experience something, she just does it.

She doesn’t care about other people’s approval, doesn’t care about what’s cool or not cool, isn’t peer dependent to tell her how she should or shouldn’t behave, and could care less about whether she’s up on the latest trends.

I admire that about her.

I admire her willingness to take risks, to try new things, and most of all, to follow what’s right for her without checking to see if it would be regarded as cool or okay by others.

So while I’m at work tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about my brave little girl, going off to Philadelphia with her teammates without me, on her own, taking a step into the unknown and facing a challenge head on with every intention of doing her best and having a good time.

I really am proud of her, and more, inspired to face some of my challenges with a little more courage…just like her.

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