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Sitting by my window…

Written by on January 2, 2014 in The Healing Journey with 0 Comments

  Sitting by my window, watching the snow fall…soon the ground will be covered in white and I, blanketed in that odd feeling of safety, will have nowhere to go but to my self. I cannot get out and nothing can get in. Time stops for me when I am at home and the snow […]

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The Same Reality Differently

Written by on April 29, 2012 in The Healing Journey with 0 Comments

I wake up and step outside. It’s a beautiful morning. The air is crisp like Fall, and a smile immediately comes to my face. It’s almost May. I know many people can’t wait for the warmer weather to get here. A week or so ago, the temperature hit in the 80’s. They were ecstatic. I […]

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