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The Same Reality Differently

Written by on April 29, 2012 in The Healing Journey with 0 Comments

I wake up and step outside. It’s a beautiful morning. The air is crisp like Fall, and a smile immediately comes to my face. It’s almost May. I know many people can’t wait for the warmer weather to get here. A week or so ago, the temperature hit in the 80’s. They were ecstatic. I […]

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“If you are focused on what you left behind…

Written by on July 17, 2007 in The Healing Journey with 0 Comments

…you will not see what lies ahead.” I saw “Ratatouille” last night with my little girl, and loved it. I love any story about being true to yourself, finding your creativity, living an authentic life and making a difference. There was one quote that just jumped out at me, and I found myself repeating it […]

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