To Sacredly Love

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The other night, my little girl wanted to light the incense and send prayers. So she went to the little altar I have of a meditating Buddha, a gift from my oldest daughter, and childhood pictures of my children, my nephew, my sister and brother and I. On the wall hangs a painting of Jesus, the father of my oldest two had given me.

She arranged the candles, placed the incense on its holder in the Buddha’s hands, and placed a small bowl of food and wine glass of water to honor the ancestors. Then she stepped into an Asian dress of mine, put on the Japanese earrings and necklace of my youth. Taking my hand to stand beside her, she asked I light the candles and incense. I did so.

I said an opening line or two, addressing the Spirit of God and Brother Buddha. But Brhiannon wanted to speak the words of prayer and so I became silent.

She started by addressing “Mother Buddha”. I was touched by how free she was from constraint, those neat little boxes we place ourselves and our beliefs in. Just as Jesus taught, she worshiped in spirit, being confined not by gender or outwardly appearance, she went straight to the heart of what religion is about.

She prayed her beautiful child prayer, which made it the most powerful prayer of all. But what really moved me, touched me so that I knew in this moment I really was standing on sacred ground, was when she blessed her family and said, “We sacredly love all the people in the pictures.”

“We sacredly love…”

How many of us selfishly love, longingly love, hopelessly love, desperately love, controllingly love, jealously love, fearfully love, obligingly love, demandingly love, hopefully love, narcissistically love, delusionally love?

Even to motherly love or fatherly love or brotherly/sisterly love does not go to that place of pure holiness when we sacredly love.

To sacredly love honors the whole being, both yours and the beloved. It is a beautiful understanding of the opening of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father”, a beholding of its meaning in what we see in another. It becomes a pure act of worship, giving praise to life in all its wonderful manifestations, which in this moment is manifesting as the one you love…and as the one who is doing the loving.

To sacredly love

It almost sounds like a prayer in itself, something that should be spoken with reverence on a breath of a whisper.

Everything shifted for me in that moment. I no longer saw the altar as a cabinet top with candles and incense, the pictures or statue or painting that hung on the wall. I looked at my little girl and saw a living altar, that temple within where God dwells.

In this little body next to mine, with eyes closed and a look of serene peace upon her face, I got a glimpse of heaven, and knew without a doubt that angels exist. I turned toward her and with hands together in prayer, bowed.

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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, using spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. Demian is a traveler on the healing journey with a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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