Wandering in the desert…

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A friend of mine posted a quote by Byron Katie on her Facebook page. “If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.”

I thought about this, and how hard it is for me to remember to be in the present moment. I find my thoughts wandering into the future or drifting into the past. But more often than not, I’m turning some idea or concept over in my mind, analyzing it, holding it up to the light, delving into some deeper meaning or searching for some secret it may reveal. And I argue, debate many different angles to an idea, so that I may become intimate with it, so that I may understand it. I imagine myself discussing issues with “others”, challenging them, being challenged by them.

I find it invigorating, and then I have to write, and the ideas unfold with even greater clarity…or trip me up with a sudden twist here or turn there, and I have to think quickly on my feet or go back to the drawing board. I love it.

When people tell me I’m articulate and they like how I can explain something that they haven’t been able to put into words or help them gain a new perspective, I’ll laugh and say it’s because I’ve already had this conversation. Never as good or as satisfying as when enriched with the contributions of another person, but it provides a springboard of some level of understanding with which to engage another.

It’s not a bad thing…except when I don’t turn it off. And I do it without intention. When I leave my propensity for mind wanderings on and let it run its course. It becomes a runaway lawn mower, mowing down the present moment, so that I miss what’s unfolding right before my eyes.

There’s a big difference between creatively engaging your mind’s ability to analyze, imagine, problem solve, create or envision, and becoming trapped in that process. What’s the good of wandering off if you never come home?

The present moment is home.

Wanderers can explore, but everyone needs a place to rest, and ideas need a time to manifest, and it is in the present moment where these things can happen.

We need to rejuvenate, to return to our center, our source. It’s the pull of every living thing, from salmon to geese, from the butterflies and hummingbirds to the human spirit. We all hear the call of home.

But we can be gone for so long that we no longer recognize where…or what it is.

In an aimless trek through the desert, we become infatuated by the mirages that appear before us, tricking us further and further into a vast desert, so that we give up what’s real for a pursuit of what’s not.

That’s the real life we are missing, when our thoughts are elsewhere. Instead of bringing back a richness of our travels to the ever richer present now, we keep following one mirage after another.

I can think. I can explore. And I can come home.

~Demian Yumei
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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, using spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. Demian is a traveler on the healing journey with a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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