What is the Healing Journey?

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What do I mean when I say, the healing journey?

A journey takes us from “here” to “there”. On a healing journey, “there”,  is a state of being, arising from growth and change that allows us to live our lives as authentically and consciously as possible.

Now, what that looks like and how it unfolds is different for each person, however, there are certain traits that identify the healing journey.

1) It’s Your Life

The healing journey is actually your life, a life, where somewhere along the way you’ve decided you want to achieve greater health and freedom. Sometimes you forget you made this decision. Other times it’s the driving force behind all your choices. But it’s that turn in the road that changes the trajectory of your life, a turn that you may not even recognize as such or only in hindsight.

2) It’s a Process

The healing journey is a process that consists of actions you take to let go of things that diminish you. This occurs in concert with embracing things that empower you. The paths you take, the goals you set, and life experiences — their impact on you and what you do with them — is part of the process of healing.

3) It Breathes

The steps on your path can be incremental and measurable, but the impact on you is more often holistic and synergistic. You can put in your order, but the healing and the transformation it brings, arrives in its own time.

Healing can feel elusive, when it’s actually working behind the scene, sometimes surprising you with the realization that it’s been yours for a while, and you’ve changed. There is an ebb and flow to healing, an ever shifting balance between effort, willingness and grace. It doesn’t follow your schedule, and even what you want or think you want grows and evolves as you do.

4) It’s Yours

Your healing journey belongs to you. No one can tell you how to walk it, where you need to be in what period of time. You walk in your own cadence. You choose your own path. You can receive advice. You may follow some of it, but the path you walk is not only yours to choose but to create. Your path must bear your footprints no matter who your teacher.

5) It Requires Your Diligence

Practicing due diligence on your journey means practicing discernment, an integral part of your healing. Most people have good hearts and are well-meaning but some take on more than they’re capable and can inadvertently inflict harm. Others are just predators and opportunists who take advantage of the vulnerable. Your journey requires developing your discernment as your path crosses the paths of others.

6) Unique and Shared

The healing journey is unique, because every journey is determined by the person who walks it. One size does not fit all. It is also a journey shared by many. As individual as each journey is, they also contain elements that are shared or experienced by all who travel. This commonality enables us to reach out in empathy and be there for one another with understanding and support. In this way, we do not travel alone.

The Creative Process

For me, the healing journey is inextricably tied to the creative process. It has been a life saver and expression of my soul. Creativity is such a part of me, there’s no defining who I am without it.

My writing, the creative act of composing a song or articulating an idea opens up pathways that connect me to something greater than me. For lack of a better description, it’s a co-creating with “Life” or the “Universe” or “God”, if you will, with the full expectation that I take responsibility for honing my craft and showing up.

This flow of energy is healing, by itself, but I have also never written anything, in word or song, that I haven’t needed to hear. So I guess the creative process is also like a conversation spoken from my love of words and the love in my spirit to my conscious mind that doesn’t always see what’s in front of its face… or in its heart, apparently.

Creating is manifesting dreaming, and dreaming is the wellspring of creating. They are so interrelated it’s hard to tell them apart, if indeed, they are.

The Fingerprint of Your Heart’s Desire

Dreams are more than what you wish for or want. They are an integral part of the healing journey.

Your Dream is the fingerprint of your heart’s desire, your spirit’s dance, your soul’s whispering. It’s your unique vision and inspiration, your northern star. It’s your right and your legacy.

You are not the only one who dreams. And you are not only the dreamer. You are also the dream. Life dreams you, and Life has its own dream for you.

The work of my healing journey is to embrace the dream — mine and the dream Life has for me. It’s accepting the invitation to dance with my spirit, to listen for the whispering in my heart, to answer the call of my vision and inspiration.

The challenge I accept is to address, dismantle and overcome the things within me that would prevent that.

For me, that would be the years of manipulation and usury of covert abuse. Because the profound entitlement of covert abuse is like the fire, the energy that fuels virtually every form of abuse, this is what I focus on here, on this blog.

Together, Traveling on the Journey

There are some things you must go through on your own, but you don’t have to travel alone… unless you want to. There are other dreamers and travelers on this path, who would be glad for your company, and I am one of them.

So welcome! Stay as long or as little as is right for you. Introduce yourself below in the comments, share a dream, personal or general, big or small. Or just read and contemplate.

If you prefer Facebook, I have a page: Conversations on the Healing Journey, where we can meet and talk there.

Until then, stay true to your journey, to the light in your heart, to who you are and who you are becoming, always.

Keeping the Dream

About the Author

About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, using spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. Demian is a traveler on the healing journey with a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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