Who I am

Standing on a balcony at a mountaintop retreat in Vermont, loving the wind and the surrounding mountains.

Standing on a balcony at a mountaintop retreat in Vermont, loving the wind and mountains.


I’m a dreamer, a singer/songwriter, author and activist. Someone who loves people, this earth and the potential we have to become more than who we are.

I walk a healing journey, the path my abusive childhood placed me on years ago. The wounding, surviving and overcoming have endowed me with a wealth of personal experience and knowledge of the healing journey. It is my honor and joy to translate and convey this knowledge into writing that speaks to the heart and song that moves the soul.

You have your own dream that calls to you, no matter how distant it may seem to be. It’s closer than you think and it’s time. I understand there may be extenuating circumstances and personal obstacles, but one by one, you can peel off the layers that hide what lies beneath — and it’s beautiful. I know that. What we don’t yet, is how that beauty will express itself, because you are unique.

It is not the time for any of us to be silent.

This is an important time to use our voices, to speak our truth. Sometimes we need to find our voice and then listen to the truth of who we are, before we can speak out. So easy to listen to all the lies — the lies that say we’re not good enough or worthy enough to express our thoughts or take a stand… or powerful enough.

But we are.

More than ever, we need to know this — our world really needs us to know this — so we can add our presence to turning the tide.

I love the creative process… I feel it when I write, when I sing, when I bring a song or story to whomever it was intended for. And it feels like love.

I use various mediums — written and spoken word, song and images to tell a story, to convey ideas of hope and healing, to connect with others.

This blog is a creative space for me to use my voice and invite others to join me as a response to the shrieking voices of hate and greed fueled by fear.

This is not the time for any of us to be silent.

To that end, I’m working on several projects.

My Mother’s Story — which I cannot tell without telling my own. Hers began in China where she was born around 1926, sold at the age of two to a Japanese couple and raised in Japan. You can read more about it in River of Heaven and listen to the songs I’ve written for that particular project. It’s a synopsis of the larger book I want to write.

Where There’s Smoke Series on Covert Abuse —  I’ve been working on this project or a long time, in conjunction with other projects and responsibilities. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin. I’m trying to remedy that by zeroing in on specific projects and working on them, one at a time, to completion. This is the first major project I want to check off, so I can more fully focus on my mother’s story.

Keeping the Dream Podcast — So much to learn about this process! This vision is still a work in progress and I’m teaching myself how to use the features of Logic Pro X to record and mix. It’s going to take a little time.

And of course, there are other projects on the horizon — always!

Artists and dreamers often feel like they’re alone. We’re not. We just have to find one another. Of all the therapy that’s available, I believe embracing the creative process is one of the most powerful. We can give voice to our pain, give song to our strengths, resurrect beauty from our wounds and create art out of thin air.

If you’re hurting, you don’t have to go through it alone. We can walk together.

Keeping the Dream
~ Demian Yumei

View from my writing table on a rainy day.

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