“the power of kindness”

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This book, “the power of kindness”, by Piero Ferrucci showed up in my post office box today. My dear friend, Sue, sent this to me as a surprise, and I was delighted. It seemed to be fitting for what is on my plate right now. In reading the first chapter, a sentence jumped out at me right away.

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If we are healthier when we are caring, empathic, and open to others, it means we were born to be kind.”

Born to be kind. That’s delicious, isn’t it? Just let that roll around on your tongue a while.

And that makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, if we were really basically aggressive and greedy, wouldn’t those states of being be good for us? Wouldn’t they make our blood pressure go down and give us a sense of well-being, because we were being true to our nature?

But curiously, they don’t. They raise our pressure, increase our anxiety and sense of isolation. We feel fed, like on sugar – adrenalin instead of strength, junk food instead of nourishment.

If kindness has been shown to be good for our health, then that has to be some kind of statement as to who…and what we are.

I’ve always felt humanity was basically good, and that the evil that arises is an aberration. We still have free will, and there may be circumstances and motives that sway us from our center…or toward it, but nonetheless, the basic ground of our being is good.

It gives another meaning to “finding our way home”.

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