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I wrote the previous post the day after my last day at work. I worked a paying job in the mental health field for 20 years, on top of my role since childhood as mediator and advocate for family members with mental illness.

After years of care-giving and the eventual loss of two loved ones to cancer in 2004 and 2009, I was burnt out. I needed to take care of myself. I kept moving, as is my way, but in 2016, I could not take another step without not only negatively impacting me, but perhaps those in my care. I resigned.

These past five and a half months weren’t as I had expected they would be. Back in December, I thought I would take a couple weeks to detox, unwind and then just dive into creative blissful productivity. Turns out the first three months were what I now refer to as my “colonic months”.

Every piece of baggage that wasn’t addressed or needed to be addressed — in a more in depth manner, evidently — splattered into my reality with vomitous force, sometimes in triggers, sometimes with actual (and unwelcomed) people showing up out of the blue or as unexpected glitches with my 401K or the unnecessary need to go to court to answer a petition that child support should be stopped, because it was claimed my daughter was no longer in school, when in fact she was and it had already been confirmed.

Still, unjust or not, you have to deal with what’s before you. Things resolved, my 401K finally came through and the petition was thrown out, when the complainant was a no show.

The tide turned.

Opportunities began to flow — unexpected, serendipitous, overflowing with blessings that filled all the empty spaces within me from such a prodigious cleansing. 

The time for my creative cowardice is over, which is what procrastination is for me

April brought me to a mountaintop in Vermont (more on that later), from where I came back renewed, whole and inspired.

I knew the time for my creative cowardice was over, which is what procrastination is for me. I dove into my work, my true work.

This blog will become a podcast blog. I’ll either have audio files of what I write, or make transcripts of what I record. And photo galleries. And this blog will be closely synced with my Patreon account, which, when it is published, will be www.patreon.com/keepingthedream. It’s not live yet. I’ll announce when it is!

Be brave. Embrace your creativity, your truth in whatever way is right for you.

No matter what the appearances may be or how deeply pained your heart may feel, when we witness our capacity to be unkind or even cruel, know that this is the time, more than ever, we are called to keep our dreams alive, to create a path, now, for them to unfold into this world and in our lives.


~Keeping the Dream



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About the Author: Demian Yumei, author, singer/songwriter and artist activist, using spoken, written word and original songs in her human rights activism. Demian is a traveler on the healing journey with a lifelong love affair with the creative process. .


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